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VenuesAPI is the easiest way to manage event rentals
  • Streamline operations with lower management time
  • Increase bookings through greater digital exposure
  • Optimize event rental revenue through data insight

Your Personal Cloud-Based Event Manager

Streamline your booking process with VenusAPI

Our end-to-end solution simplifies your event rental process, making it easier than ever to optimize your space’s potential revenue, while allowing you more time to focus on business operations.

Why VenuesAPI?

Your One-Stop-Shop for Event Booking Management

Event management isn’t easy, especially when it’s on top of your main business’ operations. With multiple sales channels to maintain, inquiries to convert, and performance data to track, maximizing your event rental revenue can fall to the bottom of the “To Do” list.

That’s where VenuesAPI comes in. Through our combined software and services, we’re automating your event rental management to take it off your “To Do” list and put in straight onto your “Done” list. But what makes VenuesAPI truly unique is that we streamline the booking process, funneling all aspects of your event booking down into a single hand-off system.



Let us focus on bookings, you focus on your business
Multichannel listing

Channel Management

  • Management of all sales channels & optimization of listings to increase inquires
  • Up-to-date venue information populated across all channels
  • Utilization of multiple sales channels to increase exposure
Unified inquiry inbox

Inquiry Management

  • 24/7 management of all inquiries across all channels
  • Use of sale tactics to encourage a high inquiry-to-booking conversion rate
  • Screening of all potential renters to meet your business’ standards
Streamlined operations

Data Insight

  • Collecting of key performance data throughout the event rental process
  • Creation of data reports on rental performance
  • Data-driven recommendations for optimizing your potential revenue


We have different service plans to meet the needs of your event rental business. Pick the plan that works best for your operations.


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We love the fact that we don't have to worry about all the details and that they have expanded our customer outreach, which has directly increased our number of bookings

Daniela Staiculescu Condesa Coffee Owner.

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